Chiller Warranty Service

Please click on the Chiller Manufacturer of the chiller you wish services- Response to this will be immediate.  John Schaub Inc has done the warranty work for some of these chiller manufacturers for over 50 years

AEI-Advantage Engineering Corporation

AEC-Application Engineering Corporation Temptek Corporation Mokon Chiller Systems Carrier Corporation
Thermal Care Corporation Conair Corporation Drake Refrigeration Inc.  Sterling Corporation Tek-Temp Instruments Inc.

Presently  John C. Schaub Inc. will be Hyper-linking all Chiller Manufacturers that utilize John C. Schaub Inc. as a Chiller Service Representative for "In Warranty", "Start-Up" & referral work.  

Professional Refrigeration Troubleshooter


The first hands on Chiller/HVAC/R troubleshooting handbook is out in publication. This is a must have book for you and your service technicians.  It will save you time and money along with passing on the vast knowledge of 60 years experience.

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