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Accuchiller EQ Series Portable Chillers feature nonferrous construction, a compact footprint with easily accessible interior and a microprocessor that provides precise temperature control and extensive diagnostics. Air-cooled, water-cooled and remote condenser models are packed with many standard innovative features that improve chiller performance and reliability. New 407C refrigerant


Accuchiller EQ options
Air-Cooled 1 to 3 HP
Water-Cooled 2 to 3 HP
Nonferrous construction includes evaporator, pump, reservoir and piping to resist corrosion.
Microprocessor controller provides diagnostics and accurate temperature control.
Generously sized air-cooled condensers for industrial environments with ambient temperatures up to 115F.
Internal insulated polyethylene reservoir comes with large capacity and a removable top.
Condenser discharge fan discharges air quietly through top of unit.
Hot gas bypass provides accurate capacity control and extends compressor life.
Process Y-strainer protects the evaporator from contaminants in the water.
Stainless steel brazed plate evaporator guards agains system freeze-up.
Water regulating valve keeps refrigerant pressure constant (water cooled units only).
Evaporator freeze-up protection reduces potential for evaporator damage.
Easily removable side panel allows for easy access to interior components.



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