Thermalcare air cooled chiller picture 2017/2018 model             



NEMA 12 control panel – provides control protection for most factory environments.  Fused disconnect and NFPA-

•Nonferrous construction – resists corrosion and comes with stainless steel fittings and water circulation pump.


• Solid-state safety switches – allow electronic sensing devices to be easily replaced without refrigerant evacuation.


• Powder-coat paint finish – gives cabinet extremely durable finish, hides fingerprints and is easily cleaned.

• Microprocessor controller – provides accurate settings and temperature readings.


• Scroll compressors – offer more reliable and efficient performance than conventional reciprocating compressors. R-410 or R-407 refrigerant used.


• Inlet air filter – is cleanable and protects condenser coils to assure maximum operating efficiency.


• Twin top-discharge fans – discharge air quietly through top of unit.


• Internal insulated polyethylene reservoir – comes with large capacity design for easy filling.



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