The Life of an HVAC/R Technician- chiller service training manual- hands on book


The first hands on Chiller/HVAC/R troubleshooting handbook is out in publication.  This book contains Safety Techniques,  Troubleshooting Step by Step Guidelines, Energy Saving practices and amazing stories of jobs ranging from "Finding Gold in a Tower"  to the World Trade Center.  This is a must have book for you and your service technicians.  It will save you time and money along with passing on the vast knowledge of 60 years experience. Book price only $20.

The books are ready to ship from our central office.  John Schaub had been performing training seminars for many of those interested in learning.  Schools, Trade shows, Troubleshooting Seminars, and Production Facilities are just a few of the many teachings Jack his son has taken over the teaching and training seminars as of 2008.































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