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John C. Schaub Inc provides a 60 year refrigeration background covering everything from process chillers and refrigeration to ice rinks and energy management systems.  Schaub Consulting travels nationwide providing consulting services primarily in the process chiller industry.  John Schaub is well known by the chiller manufacturers throughout the nation.  We offer refrigeration and chiller training seminars for colleges and industrial production plants.  Our chiller technical support line is available 24 hours a day.

Professional Refrigeration Troubleshooter

The first hands on Chiller/HVAC/R troubleshooting handbook is out in publication. This is a must have book for you and your service technicians.  It will save you time and money along with passing on the vast knowledge of 60 years experience.

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Major Problems Encountered ....and solved.
Repetitive compressor failures
Low efficiency and tonnage outputs
High power usage - overloading electrical services
Refrigerant loss problems ( repetitive losses throughout the year)
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Known... World Wide.


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John Schaub Inc is a 24 hour service business

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