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Rental chillers and cooling towers John C. Schaub Inc. offers all sizes of rental chillers from 10 to 400 tons & Cooling Towers from 300 to 1,500 tons) .   Used rental chillers for emergency chiller problems are available.  Rental chillers and rental cooling towers are also available for emergency chiller situations or for long term expansion needs. If you need to size your chiller or if you have trouble with chiller sizing of your specific application Click-Here.   Click on any of the below listings to find the chiller or tower you need.

Rental Chillers from 100-400 ton

Compact Rental chillers from 5-80 ton

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Pre-Owned used Chillers, some new chillers: John C. Schaub Inc. has a list of used chillers for sale: Divided into three size ranges:  2- 20 ton,    25 - 80 ton,    90- 900 ton.  Click on the appropriate size range and the list of available chillers will be displayed.

Rental Chillers represent state-of-the-art temporary cooling technology. Adaptable to a variety of situations, they can be put on-line quickly and easily . All rental equipment is ready to operate when it arrives. Simply pipe into your system, connect the power supply and you're ready to go.

Each rental Chiller is equipped with integral circulation pump.  Larger chillers have redundant pumps so should a pump fail, the back-up can be on-line in minutes - without disconnecting any plumbing. This feature offers increased reliability to the end user. Thanks to dual cam lock piping connections, inlet and outlet hook-ups can be made from either side of the machine. John C. Schaub Inc. can supply piping, flexible hose and adapters to mate with your system.
Microprocessor operating controls and computer diagnostics are standard equipment. Additionally, a remote equipment monitor can be fitted to the chiller and connected to a PC in your office. This saves you time and labor in monitoring multiple machines.
On-board transformers on most rental Chillers allow proper voltage supply for easy electrical connection. If electricity is not available at your site, John C. Schaub Inc. can even supply a Silenced Generator and cables to run the chiller.
Larger units are mounted to air ride trailers and smaller units are skid mounted with forklift pockets on each side, both have lifting eyes. The ten and twenty ton units feature rolling casters in addition to forklift pockets. Through increased maneuvering flexibility, these seemingly simple add-ons can save time and money when positioning units on location.
Rental Chiller sizes range from the smallest - 20 ton unit, to the largest 400 ton system.  These systems use R-134A, R407CF and 410A refrigerants.
Providing a ready-to-go systems approach is the main philosophy underlying the design of all rental equipment. John C. Schaub Inc. wants to be certain that its machines provide the maximum efficiency, reliability and productivity for the successful completion of your job.

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Professional Refrigeration Troubleshooter

The first hands on Chiller/HVAC/R troubleshooting handbook is out in publication. This is a must have book for you and your service technicians.  It will save you time and money along with passing on the vast knowledge of 60 years experience.

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 Rental chillers from 5-80 tons         Rental chillers from 100-400 tons  

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