Used and New chillers for process chilled water applications from 25 to 80 tons    

Used chillers for emergency chiller problems are available.  Pre owned chillers are also available in other sizes.  Listed are both new and used chillers. Rental chillers are also available for emergency chiller situations or for long term expansion needs. If you need to size a chiller or if you have trouble with chiller sizing of your specific application Click Here.  The process chiller list below changes from week to week as some chillers are sold while other used chillers are listed.    

Current listings of new and used chillers as of September 6, 2018 

  20 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 460 volt; M/N 30RAP0206F  NEW equipment cat # C20-02-J  
  35 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 230 volt; M/N 30RAP0355D  NEW equipment cat # C35-02-J 

275 gallon Stainless Steel pump tank system:  Only 2 years old- never used- still wrapped

Pump tank system: Stainless steel 275 gallon  (460 volt)

275 gallon stainless steel pump tank & tank lid

P7.5, 7.5 HP process pump (120 GPM @ 60 PSI)

Tank insulation all sides and bottom


Water level control

P3, 5 HP evaporator pump (100 GPM 35 PSI)

Water level sight glass


Tank drain valve

All pumps with suction & discharge valves

Temperature gauges

All pumps have motor starters/w push button starts

All components mounted & assembled

All starters mounted & wired to motors

Amperage rating of a 5 HP and 7.5 HP of 18 amps @ 460 volt.

Warranty: 10 year tank failure and 1 year on all other components

  40 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 460 volt; M/N 30RAP0406F  NEW equipment cat # C40-01-J 
  40 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 230 volt; M/N 30RAP0406F  NEW equipment cat # C40-02-J-Sold 
  45 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 230 volt; M/N 30RAP0455F  NEW equipment cat # C45-02-J 
  50 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 460 volt; M/N 30RAP0506F  NEW equipment cat # C50-02-J 
  60 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 460 volt; M/N 30RAP0606F  NEW equipment cat # C60-01-J 
  60 ton Carrier 2017 air cooled unit; 230 volt; M/N 30RB0605D  NEW equipment cat # C60-03-J  -- Sold
  70 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 460 volt; M/N 30RB0706--0---3  NEW equipment cat # C70-01-J 
  80 ton Carrier 2018 air cooled unit; 460 volt; M/N 30RB0806--0---3  NEW equipment cat # C80-02-J 


Chiller Warranty Service- Click here for details


Unit Availability Subject to Change Without Notice

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Professional Refrigeration Troubleshooter

The first hands on Chiller/HVAC/R troubleshooting handbook is out in publication. This is a must have book for you and your service technicians.  It will save you time and money along with passing on the vast knowledge of 60 years experience.

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 Rental chillers from 20 to 80 ton       Rental chillers from 100 to 400 ton    


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