Dowtherm and Dowfrost antifreeze MSDS sheets   

Finding Dowtherm and Dowfrost MSDS sheets is not easy even at the Dow chemical site.  If you need an MSDS sheet please click on the below link, select your country and enter your MSDS request. John C. Schaub Inc. also deals as a Dowtherm and Dowfrost antifreeze distributor nationwide.  Find our information at our main web site:

Dowtherm SR-1(pink ethylene glycol)
Dowfrost (clear propylene glycol)
Dowfrost HD ( Yellow propylene glycol)


MSDS Dowtherm SR-1 click here

MSDS Dowfrost (clear) -click here

MSDS Dowfrost (HD) -click here

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The first hands on Chiller/HVAC/R troubleshooting handbook is out in publication. This is a must have book for you and your service technicians.  It will save you time and money along with passing on the vast knowledge of 60 years experience.

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