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A "chiller," for our purpose, is a refrigeration system that cools water.  Air conditioners and dehumidifiers condition the air while a chiller, using the same refrigerating operations, cools water, oil, or some other fluid.  This chilled solution can be used to cool a wide range of operations. To see a chiller system layout and the step by step path of the cooling cycle - CLICK HERE for the Chiller Refrigeration Cycle.

A few of the most common process chiller application examples:

1. The Plastics Industry Cooling the hot plastic that is injected, blown, extruded or stamped.  (There are many types of plastics applications)  Injection molding chillers are the most common name for such an application.

2. The Printing Industry - Cooling warm rollers due to friction and ovens curing the ink, along with ultraviolet lamps also for curing purposes.  Dampening solutions are also cooled by the printing chiller system.  Short for DS chiller.

3.  The Medical Industry - MRI systems - The hospital MRI units need to be cooled to operate properly.  Magnetic resonators are cooled by the MRI chiller system.

4.  The HVAC industry - Large scale air-conditioning systems pump this chilled water to coils in specific areas of, lets say, a high rise building. The air handling systems for each area open and close the water flow through it specific area keeping the air of the rooms at a desired temperature.

5.  The Laser Cutting Industry Technology has created machines that can cut out very specific steel products with the precise use of a laser cutting machine.  These lasers run at very high temperatures and must be cooled to run properly. Both Optical and Laser sections are cooled by the Laser chiller system.

6. Brewery Industry- The cooling of the kettles in fermentation has become an up and coming industry whereby the chillers being used to keep the kettles and storage area of beer at cold temperatures. Brewery chillers.

7. Chemical Industry- The cooling of the chemical applications such as batch cooling inside of kettles, wherebychilled water runs in exchangers to keep certain chemical reactions at stable temperatures by the chemical chillers.

8. Food Industry- The cooling of stainless steel jackets are used for mixing of ingredients for sauces, pasta and bread products.  Pasta or food process chillers.

9. Greenhouse Industry- The cooling of the air for production greenhouses is necessary to cool the heat of the grown lamps and lights used to accelerate the growing process.  Mass produced flowers or plants such as Poinsettias, Vegetables and even Marijuana are a few of the applications.  Garden or Marijuana chillers.

10. Ice Rink Industry- The cooling ice for professional or recreational rinks. Ice Rink chillers.

11. Golf Industry- The heating or cooling of the putting greens are a part of the golfing industry to keep greens ground temperature at optimal temperatures for growning.  Golf greens chiller.  This is a very small nitch.

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